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Keeping Mentally Healthy

Healthy Minds at St Bede's

What is mental health?
Having a positive mental wellbeing is when you are emotionally well and behaviourally stable. If you don't feel this is the case, then there are lots of strategies that you can do to improve this.

When things are tough, everyone can feel anxious. Therefore, when this happens, we must ensure we look after ourselves mentally and take care of our own and family’s mental wellbeing.

What causes mental health?

Mental Health
How we can help
At St. Bede’s we understand that mental health is equally as important as physical health. If you, your family or your child need some support, advice or information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here is a Childline video that could help explain some common mental health issues.

Please see our St Bede's well-being glossary which will explain some common terms used when discussing mental health.

For resources and information in other languages on well-being and mental health please visit:

Below are some resources and websites that may provide you and your children with help and support. Just click on the images to take you to the useful information.

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•  NHS – Every Mind Matters
•  NHS support for anxiety and depression
•  NHS support for children and young people

Digital Detox Facts - Time To Log Off 
The facts on our digital and internet addiction and the need for digital detox . Screens in the pandemic. Over 3/4 of American families have committed to taking part in a digital detox after lockdown.. During the lockdown, Australia’s National Broadband saw an increase of 70-80% of screen-time usage amongst its customers.. Ofcom even found that during lockdown people in the UK were spending...


Screen addiction in children: Does your child fit this description? - Kids and Screens

Hi everyone, screen time and issues related to technology dependency have long been matters of concern in the 4 corners of the world, and most of the parents worry about how many hours their children log on their digital device or TV each day. Another important consideration is that since the last semester (due to the COVID-19 issues), most of the rules around kids’ screen time have...



•  My Home Book of Feelings and Thoughts

•  Fun Mindfulness Activities

Image 16 Image 17 Image 18
•  Healthy Minds advice for parents and carers

•  Resources For All

Some specific Corona Virus resources:

•  When your parent is a key worker

•  Advice for key worker parents

•  A book about worries surrounding the virus

•  Self Care Kit COVID-19

Image 20
•  Underdogg and the Gritty Cat

•  Mindheart Covibook for under 7s

•  Coronavirus – A Book For Children

Image 24
•  5 Minute Classroom Mindfulness Activities

Kids yoga is also a brilliant way to promote relaxation and mindfulness. YouTube has some fantastic short videos!

•  Catholic Mental Health Project
The aims of the Bishops’ mental health project are to: Offer support and resources to local Catholic communities as they respond to those facing mental health challenges. Identify and highlight good practice in pastoral care for those with mental health needs, their families and carers.

Catholic Mental health Project