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PHSE Curriculum Statement


The children in our school deserve health, happiness and safety. We have designed our PSHE curriculum with this in mind, and we aim to provide opportunities for our children so they grow into independent and respectful members of society. Our character traits of honesty, respect, self-belief, confidence, resilience, justice, responsibility and compassion underpin our PSHE curriculum.


Weekly PSHE lessons are delivered in all classes. The sequence of lessons can depend on the demographics in the class and the importance of what our children need, in terms of learning about their personal, social and emotional wellbeing, is paramount. Teachers use cross-curricular links from all subjects to plan and deliver thoughtful and poignant lessons. We aim to ensure that all children have the opportunity to express themselves, talk about relevant matters and learn without judgement. We ensure that our children have a voice with regular school council meetings and learning walks. When delivering SRE, our priority is ensuring that all parents understand and can support their children at home, in the hope of extending and building on the learning children do at school. Parents are consulted on and have a voice in how and what their children learn.