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Literacy Curriculum Statement


We aim to deliver an engaging Literacy curriculum, which enables and inspires children’s creativity and promotes high-quality skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing. Our curriculum promotes a high standard of language by equipping pupils with a strong knowledge of spoken and written vocabulary. It also aims to develop the pupil’s love of literature through widespread reading for pleasure and purpose.


Literacy lessons are planned in sequence; enabling children to practise spelling, punctuation and grammar skills leading up to planning and writing a focussed mark piece of text. Writing can be based on whole class texts or topic based to engage and inspire our children. Children are taught how to edit and self-correct and have resources such as word banks, ‘have a go’ books, wagolls, writing walls, dictionaries and thesauruses. We also provide a wealth of enrichment opportunities, including inviting in authors, visits to the library and competitions in school. Key Stage 2 classes use Reading plus 3 times a week and this is closely tracked and adjusted by teachers. We use the Twinkl spelling scheme to support teaching of spelling which is taught formally at least twice a week. We have a weekly whole class reading comprehension lessons to unpick and support pupils with their inference and deduction skills.  Children are expected to complete an extended piece of writing each week in their focussed mark books, timely feedback is given to each child to improve their writing.