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History & Geography Curriculum Statement


At St Bede’s Catholic Academy, to create a focused approach to the delivery of key knowledge.  All topics are designed to engage the children with a memorable experience and the opportunity to make meaningful connections across subjects, ensuring that our topic-based curriculum is a rich and relevant experience for the children at St Bede’s.    Teacher have banks of “knowledge organisers” that ensures that key vocabulary, skills and knowledge is covered.

Underpinning each of the geography and history topics are the subject specific concepts which we will be embedding as the children move through the year groups.


  • Location and Place Knowledge
  • Geographical Techniques
  • Physical Features and Processes
  • Human interaction with the environment.


  • Chronology
  • Communicating History
  • Investigating the past
  • Thinking like an historian.


Using knowledge rich projects, we aim to deliver a sequence of subject specific lessons that allow children to build on prior learning.  In turn, this encourages enquiry-based learning for all pupils. The local area is used to allow pupils to understand the place that they live, and how this differs from where other people live, as well as to see the changes that have occurred in the area from key events in history. Teachers use deep questioning to determine children’s interests, gaps and prior knowledge of the topic being taught. The use of “Engage”  lessons start a topic and children follow through to develop the topic and evaluate their own learning so it is embedded in preparation for subsequent topics as the children progress through school.