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Art & Design, Design & Technology Curriculum Statement


Our knowledge and skills rich, topic-based curriculum incorporate art and design and design technology.  Our curriculum allows children the time to engage in creative activity with parents and carers.


Our lessons well-resourced and are based on skills that built up over a series of lessons and based on skills taught in previous year groups. We model techniques in the classroom and show examples of how children can develop their own techniques. We emphasis quality and have high expectations due to the specific teaching of skills in this subject. The children have their own art portfolio that they keep as they move through the school.    As part of our art and design teaching is to inspire children with artists and designers by taking virtual tours of famous galleries and making use of local resources, such as Mima.  We regularly encourage children to complete art and design activities at home, with an emphasis on developing skills and knowledge. We have annual art and design competitions such as Winter Wonderland, Easter bonnet eggstravagander and topic based half-termly projects.